Community operated Xaraya Hosting...

...and Dutch Xaraya user group.

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We all know that hosting Xaraya at your average ISP is a challenge. For serious application/websites there are always things in deployment you'd like to do which your ISP does not allow or support in their package. Mainly for this reason, a couple of us got together to discuss an alternative for the above and, at the same time, build a local community of Xarayans.We would like to give a short outline of our plans and would like to hear how many of you would be interested in participating, so we can decide at what scale we should pursue these plans and in what way. Initially we're planning to set this up for Dutch solutions providers, but given that we do not really known how many people would be interested in this, we're open to consider a larger scope.The idea roughly comes down to two parts:

1. Community operated Xaraya specific and optimized hosting.
2. A user group, either as a separate effort or closely linked to the hosting effort.


We would like to set up a 'Xaraya optimized hosting effort', colocated at a data center fit for this purpose, with our own hardware and services operated by the people who actually need this service: the xaraya solution providers themselves. The typical target audience would be a free-lancer / small development company which provides Xaraya solutions to their customers. In most cases, hosting is a problem for those people since the standard ISPs are either not flexible enough or too expensive for small amounts of customers. Even for medium sized solution providers we believe that a cooperative setup has advantages.

The 'community operated' part of the plan entails a construct where solution providers can 'join' the hosting-effort according to some defined rules, to be determined in detail later on. The people joining the effort will together make sure this 'virtual hosting company' does its job well for the Xaraya solutions; we expect some sort of formal organization to be created for the work involved.

User group

While discussing the different ways this 'hosting effort' could be organized it occurred to us that apart from the common need for specialized hosting, additional added value could be had by organizing typical 'usergroup' like activities, such as Xaraya conferences, special interest groups, informal meetings or other synergetic activities; related to the specific needs of hosters of Xaraya sites. These activities should lead to a positive feedback to Xaraya itself.

Ideally we're aiming to combine the 2 parts into a membership based organization which has the sole task of organizing these 2 things for its members. Members should participate in implementing the activities needed for hosting and the usergroup, thus minimizing membership fees and out of pocket costs. For such an organization, i.e. based on membership benefits and obligations, to be viable, it needs to have a reasonable number of members, which is where our poll questions to you come in.

1. If you are interested in the above let us know at and include at least:
a) your contact details (include at least name, email, country, city)
b) a short description on your Xaraya activities.
c) interested in:
1. hosting only
2. usergroup only
3. both
d) Your opinion on the following statement:
"A yearly membership base fee of € 500,- including:
- shared equipment for hosting;
- contribution for replacements/hardware repair etc;
- colocation and traffic fees;
- starting package for say, 2 customers;
- usergroup membership;"
Choose from:
1. too cheap, i want quality, insurance and continuity for my customers and expect to pay for that
2. realistic (provided the small print is ok)
3. whoa!, no way!

2. If you are not interested, but have an idea how to make it so, we would like to hear that too.
Send your replies to the address We will summarise the responses and post back to the list around the second week of august. If interest is overwhelming we'll set up a specific place for communication and let you know about it.
Given enough interest we would like to have all of the above operational by the end of Q4 2006.

We're looking forward to your responses!

Michel Vorenhout
Rolf Meijer
Rob Speekenbrink
Marcel van der Boom